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Who established Huy Quang PIANO and musical instruments Co.,Ltd?

Coming from an official family: Huy Quang's father is a musical teacher of Hanoi National Conservatory of Music , three brothers in the family have studied music when they were small.

Studying has helped HuyQuang pursue his career later-on.

Huy Quang has studied Accordion for 15 years and the best achievement he awarded that in July 1989, He has ranked tenth among the best of the world-class level of the international Accordion Contest held in Klingenthal, former German Democratic Republic (presently Federal Republic of Germany).

Huy Quang thought that the achievement was good because many of Vietnamese competitors selected and appointed by Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, were sent to Germany to join the Accordion Contest,  however, getting over the primary examination to enter the second round and stand in the rank in Klingenthal was quite difficult because Klingenthal was considered as one of the best professional accordion competition contest in the world.

Some of Vietnamese and local German newspapers mentioned his achievement and considered as a unusual story and good achievement in difficult situation in Vietnam at that time. Huy Quang himself has also been surprised because before the examination, he seemed to drop out of the examination due to the fear of civilization of "giant Europe". Not just Vietnamese competitors but the European ones, playing a standart - accordion to compete with a botton - accordion was considered as big challenge.

Because of the touch-and-go character, after the drop-out intention, Huy Quang has taken back to the game with little alcohol for less fear. Also, Huy Quang needed the encouragement and help from his friends, especially  Mr.The Hai (currenly, he is a accordion musical teacher of Hồ Chí Minh National Conservatory of Music). The achievement that Huy Quang awarded was the expectation of Huy Quang's beloved people. With the diplome hanging in the representative office, Huy Quang himself is still proud of it.


Huy Quang was born in Đống Đa, Hà Nội, but his father was born in Hà Tĩnh - a poor and difficust area of Vietnam. The miserable origin is not Huy Quang's shame, oppositely, that is Huy Quang's pride because people who had lived in poverty should be understandable and sympathetic with the destitute people, together with them to overcome the difficulties for better life themselves and for there children too.

Huy Quang PIANO and musical Instruments Co., Ltd has been established by such a person.


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