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What will you do if your Piano is out of order?

I have read somewhere the sayings: Lie is the reason of all detriments”.  I think it right. If I work unserious, I am not able to succeed in doing something. I have worked with music for a long time, and I understand the right and the left aspects of this work. If your instruments get out of order, please Contact us for most correct advice. You are possible to pay fifty or one hundreds thousand VND (3 to 6 USD) for the service. However, we hope that  we bring benefits to you.
If you have a Piano, it is better to check-up and tune by specialist once every year. The current expense is from 400,000VND to 650,000 VND for each check-up.

If the weather is humid and the keyboard is sticky, you can Contact us for quick check-up . The expense of quick check-up is about 150.000VND to 300.000VND.
If you want your Piano's carefully tuned up (for instance: great performance or high demand), the expense is 100 USD per check up.


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