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Each producer has his own target. We have our own target. We do not directly produce a Product in the literal sense. Our Product is the services that we serve you with our hearts in maintaining the Piano. However, the Piano is dead if no one plays on it. Therefore, our Product is not perfect, if we do not create players or someone use it. Almost everyone wants to be a useful person for himself and community. Since we established our company, we have sold several musical instruments to the market. With numbers of businesses those sell musical instruments into market with an increasing speed, I'm afraid that there won’t be enough players. The Piano, therefore, may become a decorative thing only. 

I would like to tell you a story:

One man came to my friend’s instrument shop and said: “Could you tell me what is this”? My friend stared at his face and answered: “It's a Piano, Sir !”. "How much is it ?” - He asked . My friend answered: “It's 2,400 dollars”. He thought for a moment and said: “You said it's 2,400 dollars, isn't it. If I don't bargain, you'll consider me as a dumb. Could you sell me that for 2,300 dollars ? If you're ok, move it to my house”.

After listening to the man, my friend said:

  - It's late now, it's time to close my shop and go home. Therefore, I would like to ask you a question, ' it's just a joke or you really want it ?'. If it's just a joke, I would like to give you a cup of wine and please trink with me, then I have to close the shop”.

The man answered: “I have an antique. If it's placed on this Piano, it'll be very beautiful”.

Someone buys something, because it's beautiful.

It's not wrong !

Someone gets marriage with a girl because she's beautiful outside. He takes care of nothing except the outside beauty .

However, it's better if she's beautifuf out and inside, and it's good to make a home for our children .


Back to my topic:

We open a training center for the above mentioned reasons. We care about the children, whose parent bought our pianos. Our target is not the direct profit, because for some reasons, we cannot gather a high tuition fee right now. Currently, fee for learning piano and other musical instrument are: VND 180,000/hour (usd 8.5) .

If a child learns under professional programs to take exams to  professional music schools, the fee is VND 300,000/hour (USD 14.5).

Every class hour is 50 minutes.

If  someday,  our company sells many musical instruments into market, we are very proud, because we do not only sell piano for decorative purposes , but also make our customer’s piano become more useful .

On the other hand, we believe our service would make us become more professional.

Customers, who trust us are our big profit.


The address of Our training center : No 18, Alley 39, Hào Nam str, Ha noi,


Or call  0912178187 for more details.


Thank you !